Ultimate House Cleaning Checklist to Clean a House Professionally and Efficiently

Deciding where to start is the crucial part of cleaning a house. You can keep your household chores on-track through this ultimate house cleaning checklist to clean a house professionally and efficiently.  So, brace yourself!

A well-organized home is like heaven on earth. But, how can you maintain cleanliness in all areas at home?

Consistency is necessary to keep the house spotless. You can do housecleaning daily, weekly, or monthly. Yearly is not recommended for an obvious reason. Each area has specific housework routines to follow for immediate cleaning.

The following house cleaning checklist is categorized by area. Daily cleaning is like constantly monitoring every part of the house and so we’re not going to discuss the routine further. We’ll focus on giving you details on weekly and monthly workwise cleaning. Let’s get it started!


Weekly cleaning will lessen the effort of housecleaning the next days. You can be more certain a house be cleaner in applying this method.


  • Throw away clutters found on your way to efficiently clean the rest of the room.
  • Wipe away dust on every surface. You can use vacuum or microfiber cloth but the prior is better in picking up dirt.
  • Brush off the debris or web formation on the couch cushions. Then, vacuum the upholstery to completely remove dust.
  • Finally, vacuum everything on the floor that comes from the higher surfaces.


  • Remove all trash in the room such as grocery receipts, spoiled food, and other throwable stuff.
  • Practice a good scrub on the sink to eliminate stains and grease.
  • Wipe up those hard surfaces such as dining table, chairs, and cabinets.
  • Remove stains in tables by gently rubbing it with toothpaste on a wet cloth. Leave it for a few minutes then wash off.
  • Wash dishtowels and make sure there’s an extra piece of cloth for replacement.
  • Vacuum the surface using canister vacuum as it is more effective in cleaning under tables and chairs.


  • Primarily, scrub the bathroom sink and toilet with a bathroom cleaner. Look for a bleach-free bathroom cleaner to avoid harsh odor yet kills 99% of germs. Spray a freshener to keep the bathroom smell good at all times.
  • Clean the vanity counter containing bath essentials and other toiletries by simply wiping it.
  • Wipe the shower door in a circular motion with a formulated shower door cleaner.
  • Check the drain and remove the hairs that penetrate the flow of water. Then, mop up the floor to eliminate stains. Let it dry and vacuum the floor.
  • Monitor toiletries supply to know which product you’ll buy on your next grocery haul.
  • Shake or vacuum the bathroom mat.
  • Throw the trash and place again a plastic bag in the trashcan.


  • Store up all your messes in a cabinet or closed area. Put things wherever they’re supposed to be. In other words, declutter everything.
  • Wipe the dust on room furniture such as dressers, nightstands, and other hard surface material.
  • Wash the sheets at least once a week to keep it hygienic. This technique will never destroy your skincare routine thereof.
  • Wipe the mirror by quickly spraying a cleaner until smudges are gone.
  • Vacuum the floor to collect dirt and other small particles. Then, empty the trash.


  • Knockdown cobwebs on ceiling and walls by using a long vacuum or a broom.
  • Pull away your cars and sweep the floor to remove dirt residues.


  • Vacuum the entire house, including the stairs and the hallway. And, wipe the windows and door frames.
  • Start decluttering junks such as bills and other papers.


A busy person will surely not commit to a weekly cleaning routine. Another remedy is to clean the house monthly. We’ll give you professional tips to execute a serious monthly cleaning.


  • Wash the curtains with mild detergent for it is prone to dust.
  • Dust hard surfaces such as the ceiling, window sills, and other areas. After a month, the dust amount is surprising.
  • Vacuum those hard to reach corners and wipe hard surfaces to completely remove dust.
  • Deep cleanse the couches and its upholstery by using a spot treat product.
  • Carefully mop the floor then vacuum when it’s already dry.


  • If there are curtains hang on your dining room, wash it at least once a month.
  • Start dusting shelves and other hard surfaces.
  • Spray and wipe cabinet glasses and windows. Be careful about wiping fragile glasses.
  • Stains are stronger after a month. And so, spot clean products are suggested for use in scrubbing kitchen sinks.
  • Use a microfiber mop to reach out thin areas especially under furniture. Then, wipe up the remaining dust.


  • Detach the toilet seat and scrub it thoroughly. It may be tough to clean the toilet without removing the seat.
  • Unclog the drains to avoid severe plumbing issues. Use a product for unclogging debris and hairs.
  • Clean the shower rod by soaking it in soap and water then scrub before re-attaching the rod.
  • Sanitize the vanity drawers.


  • Wash everything inside the room such as blankets, pillows, and mattress cover.
  • Dust every surface with a long wand vacuum and dusting attachment.
  • Remove old clothes in the closet, if necessary.
  • Mop the floor with a cleaner then vacuum it for the shinier surface.


  • Trash barrel will certainly annoy you. However, this is the best time to wash it thoroughly.
  • Remove all unnecessary stuff inside the closet and decide which to keep and which to donate. Vacuum its interior.
  • Wipe everything such as door frames, windows, and furniture. Keep them shiny by spraying a glass cleaner.


You’ll be confident to let visitors enter your house when it’s thoroughly spotless. There’ll be no rushing to clean the house if it is done regularly, either weekly or monthly.

From the above checklist, check out the process that has already done to keep you notified what to do next. It’s much tranquil to do house chores with a personalized checklist.

Share your experiences in the comment section to let others know how professional and efficient the tips provided. Thanks for reading!

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