The Secret to the Best Way to Clean Car Windows

To fulfill a safer ride, car’s window must be visible. We’ll show you the secrets to the best way to clean car windows. So, come and check it out!

Car owners usually neglect to properly clean car windows. They use a simple cloth and plain water that seems enough in the short run. But, in the long run, this results in hazy appearance as the water moistures and trapped on the window.

Hence, cleaning car windows is done after washing the rest portions of a car. This method saves more time and effort as smears of water are prevented. Car windows are doubled portion windows. Therefore, different ways are executed to clean the interior and the exterior portion of a car window.


The first step in cleaning car windows is to gather those necessary materials. Gladly, you’ll only spend a little amount of penny to have it all. It includes:

  • Distilled water

This is more effective in diluting a cleaner.

  • Sprayer

Transfer the cleaner into a sprayer to be available in a longer period. You can make an improvise sprayer.

  • Microfiber towel

It is a soft-textured towel which is perfect to use while scrubbing away the dirt on the window. A microfiber towel is good in absorbing glass cleaner rather than newspaper and paper towels.

  • Glass cleaning products

Purchase a glass cleaner that is formulated for automotive. Avoid using ammonia-made cleaner for tinted windows because it can damage tinting and rubber seals of your car.


The first three steps are the ways to clean the interior part of the window and the latter is for the exterior. After washing the whole car, follow these steps to have a crystal clear window. Let’s get it started!

1. Do not directly spray glass cleaner onto the glass

Get a dry piece of cloth then spray the glass cleaner onto it. This prevents settling of cleaner components to the other parts of your car. Directing a glass cleaner on the window results to waste and stain on plastic parts of a car.

2. Start wiping the glass window

It is best recommended to wipe the window in an up-to-down direction rather than side-to-side motion. This method reduces the forming of smudges on the window. Even wiping in circles is not a good thing though it’s the usual way used by a car owner in cleaning a window.

3. Dry up the window

Use a dry soft cloth to dry up the window. Do not leave the window wet to avoid the forming of marks.

4. Clean the front and rear exterior glass window

Since this part of your car has the most space to clean, choose cleaning it first. Wash it with a wet sponge with a mixture of cleaner. Apply different directions in wiping these portions to easily see missed spots. Then, wipe with a dry and clean cloth for finishing.

5. Directly spray glass cleaner on the exterior window

Things become different when it comes to the exterior window. This helps to effectively dissolve dirt and make the wiping process easy. The cleaner must be evenly distributed to equally clean the window area.

6. Use a separate microfiber cloth to wipe exterior window

This ends up to the streak-free finish. The used cloth is obviously dirty and wiping it on the exterior window may cause more work.  The window is wiped in a vertical and horizontal pattern to prevent splashes. Unlike the interior window, you can apply more pressure to scrub bugs and dirt.

7. Clean the top window area

Roll down the window then clean its top portion with the same cloth you use in cleaning the other parts.


Hard water spots are crusty buildup on car windows that cause stress on car owners. This is caused by groundwater, magnesium, lime, and calcium. Removing these hard water spots require a few household supplies, such as:

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Sprayer

1. Mix the cleaning solution

After collecting the needed materials, mix one cup of rubbing alcohol and warm water on the sprayer then add one tablespoon of white vinegar. The mix depends on how severe hard water spot problem is.

2. Spot clean the window

Place the car away from sunlight to avoid the cleaner from evaporating too quickly. Spray the mixture to the area where hard water spots are too much. Dry it with a clean cloth to finally remove hard water buildup.

3. Polish the car window

If you want to make the window more crystal clear, look for an oil-free window polish at auto stores. Use a soft cotton cloth or old fabric shirt in wiping the window.


Baby wipes are also effective to clean car windows. This technique is used for temporary cleaning. In addition, two pieces of newspaper are the traditional way of shining any type of glass window. You can consider it as a replacement for microfiber cloth or rag.

Further, before buying cleaning agents, take time to test it in stores. It is because cleaners are sold at a higher cost and almost all cleaning agents are packed for longer use. Before applying the cleaner on your car’s window, check the manual first.


Always inspect car windows if there is dirt buildup. Regularly clean your car’s window to prevent it from getting worse. A foggy window can cause road accidents, especially during the rainy season. Crystal clear window is more than just an appearance. It decreases the danger while driving on the road. Drivers are greatly benefited thereof.

Cleaning car window may seem stress-free but usually ends up more distracting when not properly cleanse. The prior best techniques are provided as your guide to bring up crystal clear windows. It only demands small cost in the preparation of right supplies and materials. However, there are other ways you can follow.

Do you have your own secret to clean car windows? Share it in the comment section to benefit the other car owners.

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