How to Start a Green Cleaning Business

Starting a green cleaning business will surely require you to use non-toxic and natural products to establish cleanliness of an area that includes sanitizing and disinfecting processes. People usually seek for the help and service of green cleaning businesses to aid them in cleaning the environment.

But there are also some other people who ask green cleaning businesses to help them get rid of their allergy problems. Unlike other known cleaning businesses, considering green cleaning will help you to get yourself away from toxic products used in cleaning.

The best thing to do first when you want to start a green cleaning business is to get yourself educated with the organic and non-toxic products and methods that you can use for the business that you want to establish.

Once you come up with ideas that came from your own researches, you can now proceed in offering your service to get your customers a germ-free experience.

Starting a green cleaning business

You will notice that most businesses now are becoming environmentally aware. Aside from that, the need for green cleaning businesses or services gradually increased.

There are some business owner or businessmen who wanted to add green cleaning services to their existing business, but there are also others who wanted to start a new business that offers natural green cleaning services too.

The good thing in starting a green cleaning business is that it does not require you to invest a lot of money, because just like other cleaning business you only need low investment to have a jump start.

Naming your green cleaning business

Of course, before you enjoy giving a quality service you need to name your green cleaning business first. You might not know yet, but the name of your business will surely help you to let other people recognize your new business.

Choosing a catchy and well-suited name is a better option because customers tend to notice unique and powerful business names. Then after you come up with a good name for your business, you can now ask for an Employer Identification Number also known as EIN.

You can apply for an EIN under your business name in the site of IRS (Internal Revenue Service). The Internal Revenue Service will give you an Employer Identification Number immediately when you are going to apply at the website, after that the website will send an email for the confirmation of your newly generated Employer Identification Number.

EIN (Employer Identification Number)

The Employer Identification Number will allow you to start credit and banking accounts under your green cleaning business name. The Employer Identification Number is also very helpful in helping business owners in keeping their business and personal financial information that was very essential when you are going to file for a tax return.

Register your green cleaning business

Once you are done naming and applying for an Employer Identification Number, proceed now in registering your business. Proceed to your municipality or state’s website to check the requirements you need in applying for permits such as business permits.

Download the forms if there are any downloadable files on the website of your local government, although there are often times that the requirements may vary depending on your area. These permits are very important because those are requirements that you need to accomplish before you can start to operate with your green cleaning business.

Purchasing cleaning materials and equipment

If you are going to buy equipment needed for your green cleaning business you should consider purchasing non-toxic, biodegradable, natural, and organic materials as much as possible. Get into a topnotch cleaning material vendor to acquire the best quality that you can get.

You can also try having hybrid products or materials by mixing two or more components from the equipment you bought. When you try mixing up components, you might come up with a better cleaning agent that is not harmful to the environment.

If there are no green cleaning equipment vendors near the area of the proximity of your business, you can try contacting well-known suppliers and vendors to provide your needed materials. You can try janitorial businesses or distributors because they commonly offer good quality green cleaning materials.

Aside from the quality of the materials, they can also provide good training regarding the use of the materials and on how you will be able to use it with your business.

Apply for a business insurance

Having a natural cleaning business will require you to get insurance. This insurance will be very helpful for your new business because it will cover the protection of your business against equipment, damages, property damages, suspected theft, and other accidents that may happen related to your business.

Decide on who you will charge your customers

It is very important too that you decide on the price of the services that you can render. Come up with a reasonable price list that will sure correspond to the quality that you can offer, a reasonable price and better quality of service will surely pull a lot more customers back to you.

Advertise your green cleaning business

One of the most important things that you should do when you start your business is to advertise with different companies who need your service. It is important because just like other businesses, there are only a few who knows your business yet.

So, to make your business known and to get customers, you need to introduce your green cleaning business through advertising. Advertising should not stop when you successfully acquire a few customers, promote your business over and over again to get faster growth.

There are a few things that you can do to advertise and promote your newly established business, here are the following ways of advertising:

  • Advertise through a website

Advertising through a website is a very effective way to promote your business considering that the internet is the primary medium of communication today. You can try associating your business with an existing known website, or you can prefer publishing your own website with the details of the services and equipment that you offer.

You can also add the vision and mission of your business together with brief background information and other things that will help to enlighten target customers. Despite the effectiveness of website advertisements, you need to pay or purchase for the website’s domain name.

  • Advertise through posters and brochures

You can also try to advertise through posting posters and designing brochure contents. When designing for brochure or posters, it is very important to be straight-forward regarding the contents. Remember that readers do not entertain advertisements with too many characters. Try also to get a design with blending colors to attract anybody who passes by easily.

Then you can input information about your green cleaning business together with contact details and address in order to give an idea for the potential customers who seek to inquire for the services that you can offer. After you designed your brochure or poster, you can now proceed on posting it in social networking sites and other websites in the world wide web. You can also distribute printouts to the public to get those potential customers that keep their self away from the internet.

  • Advertise through doorsteps

Talking to potential customer real-time and face-to-face is one of the most effective ways of advertising since then. It was quite different from the first two methods of advertising because this is the only option wherein you have the chance of persuading the customer in a first-person experience.

What makes this method effective is that you can show empathy and feelings while persuading a potential customer. The customer will also be able to appreciate your eagerness to get them covered by your service, that is no doubt because who would not appreciate the effort of a businessman who knocks directly in front of their doorsteps.

The advantages and disadvantages of starting a green cleaning business

It was a such a wonderful thing to clean an office or a house using natural and non-toxic products and services, you help maintaining the cleanliness of an area and at the same time, you are helping to protect the environment from toxic materials.

Advantages of newly established green cleaning business

Here are the advantages that you should capitalize when you start a green cleaning business.

  • Establishing a green cleaning service business is not as difficult as other businesses.
  • You do not need to spend a lot of money to monetize a green cleaning business.
  • There are a lot of potential customers such as multiple businesses and even common households.
  • The products and materials used for green cleaning businesses are very safe for the environment and other living organisms.
  • Expanding the business will simply start by hiring multiple staffs while your business earns money.

Disadvantages of newly established green cleaning business

Here are the disadvantages that you should take care of when you start a green cleaning business.

  • It was a problem that needs to be solved when you started a green cleaning business by your own only, it was a difficult job to finish all the services that you should render to your customers when you are all by yourself.
  • Your attitude will surely reflect in the work of your business considering that most people do not find cleaning as an enjoying activity.
  • While your green cleaning business start, you already need to buy cleaning equipment and products to start rendering services.
  • Practicing techniques and exploring different bits of knowledge in cleaning is not easily learned especially when you are at the starting phase of your business.

Helpful tips when you start a green cleaning business

From the past few years, our planet continues to experience different heartbreaking sufferings from toxic materials and irresponsible practices of humans. Despite the number of people who strive to save and help our environment, there are still people who continue practicing harmful activities to the planet.

Having a green cleaning business to help clean the surroundings and lessen the use of toxic products will surely make a difference.

1. Make your existing customers spread the name of your business

Of course, it is essential to ask satisfied customers to spread the name of your business to everyone they know. Because it was a very easy task to persuade a potential customer by taking advantage of your previous satisfied customers. It was like a first-person experience sharing between two peers.

2. Get into training and seminars

If you want to ask for tips that can help your rising business to survive. Attending seminars and participating with training related to green cleaning business is a very good idea.

Aside from the knowledge and skills that you can discover and develop, you will also be able to acquire certifications that prove your presence within the training and seminars. When customers know that you came from different seminars and training to enhance your ability it will be a good advantage for you.

3. Keep using non-toxic products

Using non-toxic products in your business is the very first thing that you should always remember. Your business tends to exist because many people need a service provider who can offer natural and safe products to finish their job.

4. Consider participating in other environmental activities

You should also try participating with different environmental activities such as tree planting to get yourself an exposure with activities related to your line of business. You can also give donations for environmental organizations to boost the charisma of your green cleaning business.


Many individuals are very concerned with our planet, considering that they knew they did something to harm our environment.  This is apparent in the ascent of eco-accommodating items, organizations and other ecological activities.

Similarly, as with any substantial development things stream down and influence about each industry. The cleaning business is no special case, and many are pushing toward the utilization of more eco-accommodating items in their business. Utilize all the things you learned from this article and lend our planet your hand to save everyone.

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