How Much Should I Charge To Clean A House

Are you starting a cleaning business soon? If you do, coming up with the right price list is the most common stumbling block of opening your business to the public. To help you out, I have researched the average cost of home cleaning that most cleaning businesses charge. I also included some of the factors that are affecting the price of cleaning services.

The Average Cost Of House Cleaning

If you want to charge your clients depending on the time you spent cleaning their home, charge them the average rate of $25 to $50 cleaner per hour. Using this mode of payment, the total cost of cleaning a house will be determined by the size of the establishment as well as the cleaning method you use.

The estimated cost of cleaning a 2000 square foot house is $150 to $250. On the other hand, a one-bedroom apartment may cost $80 to $110, excluding the cost for laundry, deep cleaning, move-out, and window cleaning as it needs to be added to the total cleaning cost that you will charge.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Cleaning Services

Cleaning businesses typically offer their services per hour, per square foot, or room charging. They also need to come to your home to estimate the right amount that fits your space. The reason why they need to do this is that every home requires a different type of cleaning. For example, a newly constructed home can cost a little higher than a home that only needs a low cleaning effort.

Some cleaning businesses also charge depending on the level of cleanliness the customer needs. For standard cleaning, the average rate for cleaning a small home or apartment with one bedroom and 1 bathroom starts at $100. Deep cleaning the same size as a house, on the other hand, will cost $125. For move out cleaning, most cleaning businesses charge $125.

Cleaning a medium-sized home or apartment with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms start at $150 for standard cleaning. For deep cleaning, $175 is the average. Lastly, move out cleaning will cost $175, which is about $50 higher than the rate of cleaning a smaller home.

Charging By Square Foot

Aside from charging per hour and per room, some cleaning businesses also charge per square foot. The wider area covered by the home, the higher the overall cleaning cost. Different companies may charge per square foot differently, considering the level of cleanliness that the client requires.

Here is an example of how a cleaning business charges per square foot:

  • 1000 sq. ft. – For Standard cleaning, you can charge $80. Deep cleaning, on the other hand, may cost $125.
  • 2000 sq. ft. – Standard cleaning will cost $100 while deep cleaning may cost $200.
  • 3000 sq. ft. – You can charge $150 for standard cleaning and $300 for deep cleaning.

Price Per Bedroom

To put it simply, this payment method works by charging your clients based on how many rooms are inside their homes. This means, even if a home is 800 square feet, having multiple rooms can cost you higher. Those people who live in a studio type apartment can take advantage of this payment method because their entire space will only be counted as one bedroom.

On the side of cleaning businesses, the number of rooms in a house determines how many people reside in it as well as how clean or dirty it might be. The number of bedrooms inside a house also means how long it will take to clean the house. If a home has multiple bedrooms, this means the cleaners need to change bedding for each room. But it will still depend if your client requires the bedding to be changed.

For homeowners who have extra rooms at home that are seldom used, they can ask the cleaners to clean it less frequently. This can help them to save money if you are charging your services per bedroom.

You can charge your client who requires you to clean a house with one bedroom for $110. For two-bedroom houses, you can charge $126. The average cost of cleaning a 3 bedroom house is $143.

Price Per Bathroom

Cleaning businesses may also charge according to the number of bathrooms inside a house. For example, houses with a bedroom and 1 bathroom may cost $100. For houses with 1 bedroom and 1 2 bathrooms, you can charge about $120. For 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom home, you can charge $110. Two bedrooms and 2 bathroom home may cost $130 for cleaning. Lastly, a 2 bedroom house that has 3 bathrooms may cost $150.


To summarize, you can charge your cleaning service according to the number of square feet there is in a house, the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, as well as per hour. The cost of cleaning a house may also depend on the level of cleanliness that is required by your clients.

The suggestions above are only averages of the actual pricing of different cleaning companies. You can use them as a basis to determine your pricing for your cleaning business.

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