7 Secrets To A Clean Bathroom

Around the house, bathrooms are the dirtiest part because bacteria are at every spot. The bathroom is the most visited area by the family members so knowing the seven secrets to a clean bathroom is very important. Cleaning the bathroom demands extra effort. It is commonly the most awful part of the house that needs all the possible ways to be disinfected and more hygienic.

Luckily, there are cleaning hacks to eliminate germs, dirt, and bad odor in the bathroom area. Here are some of the secrets that can help you to clean bathrooms effectively.


Do you want to know the top secrets of those beautiful looking bathrooms? Here are some tips you may apply in deep cleaning bathrooms.

1. Clean first the ceiling, walls, and flooring

Wiping these areas is not enough to have the best results. Get an all-purpose cleaner and then spray on the affected area. After that, turn on the hot shower. Otherwise, sprinkle hot water onto the surfaces and leave it for five minutes until steam builds.

For the next 20-minutes, turn off the shower and close the door. This process allows the cleaner and the steam to mix for better effectiveness. Wipe it all out until thoroughly cleanse.

2. Achieve sparkling clean toilet

The toilet is the filthiest part of a bathroom. But, it can turn into sparkling appearance after cleaning it properly. The only secret is a cup of baking soda and a few cleaning products. Put the baking soda in the toilet bowl for a few minutes and then brush it off.

Also, do not forget to press the flush button afterward. Close the lid when you flush the toilet and switch on the vent fan. It prevents bacteria from settling in other areas inside the room.

3. Clean up the toilet brush

After using the brush in cleaning the bowl, it deserves to be rinsed out after every use. Hover the brush into the bowl with bleach over its bristles. Leave it for a few minutes and then soak into clean water.

Up next is to clean the brush canister by filling it with soapy water for a minute. Then, pour the dirty water into the bowl. Do not overlook the cleaning of a toilet brush to prevent bacteria buildup on it.

4. Clean the bathroom faucet

The bathroom faucet is very prone to mineral deposits due to the water buildup. When not regularly washed, it becomes harder to remove such stains. A paper towel and white vinegar are the only stuff you need. Soak the paper towel into the vinegar and cover it up on the faucet that needs deep cleaning. Wait for at least an hour before you rinse it with water to see better outcomes. This hack works well on showerheads too.

5. Clean the shower

A rust-free shower is a lot more hygienic than corrosive ones. There is no need to disassemble the shower to make it spotless. It only requires two materials, such as a plastic grocery bag and white vinegar. Put the vinegar into the plastic bag, which can fully submerge the showerhead.

Afterward, tie it for overnight soaking and remove the next day. Turn on the shower and let it rinse. It is essential to clean the shower for a neglected shower that causes pulmonary disease.

6. Regularly wash the towels

We tend to hang the sheets on a hook, which is wrong. This way cannot circulate the air, and the folds formed can easily absorb bacteria. It is better to spread out the towel on a well-cleansed bar. Bleach the towels when being washed up to eliminate germs.

Do it every three to four days. There are washing machines which have sanitizing setting if so, wash the towels using the device. Do not hang wet towels inside the bathroom for it highly absorbs germs and bacteria. Let it dry under the sun first.

7. Deep clean the grout

The grout receives all the bacteria that come around the bathroom. Bacteria grow fast when not scrub regularly. Bleach is used to clean the grout. Scrub the area by using a grout brush.

The room must be adequately ventilated all through the process to avoid suffocation. Also, make sure to seal the grout every six months with the help of the best grout seal products. It prevents moisture buildup and grime infiltration.


The bathroom area will never look messy all over again with the said tips on how to make it clean. We have mentioned the secret materials and ways on how to do it. Regular cleaning is a must to maintain a hygienic bathroom.

The process may seem complicated, but for your health’s sake, be at your best in deep cleaning the bathroom. So, check out the house’s bathroom and apply the cleaning tips, as shown above. You can share some other secrets to a clean restroom in the comment section below. Let us help each homeowner to have a better-looking bathroom.

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