10 Secret House Cleaning Tips From The Pros

Most homeowners are asking for help regarding the best ways of cleaning their abode. So here, I am about to discuss some of the secrets of professional house cleaners that can effectively turn any home into a fresh-smelling and squeaky clean place. Let’s get into it.

Vacuum First Before Scrubbing

When cleaning bathrooms, there are times when wet hair gets on your way while scrubbing the floor. For this reason, it will become more difficult for you to clean every corner of the bathroom floor, resulting in longer hours of cleaning. To turn your house cleaning schedules mess-free, vacuum the floor surface first before scrubbing. The vacuum will suck all the particles present on the surface so the scrub can do its job freely without any hair and dust among others to block its way.

If you want to clean thoroughly, start at the very top. Use your vacuum to remove the dust from light fixtures as well as the top of the home windows. Afterwards, vacuum your way down the floor, make sure to cover every inch of the surface. Use a soft-bristle upholstery brush can work better for this kind of vacuuming since you want to avoid any dust and wet hair from accumulating in your scrub.

Remove Soap Scum In The Bathroom

Soap scum is an insoluble substance that is usually formed in bathrooms because some elements of water react with soap. You can’t remove them by rubbing right away so wait for them to dry first before scraping off the soap scum using a 4-inch plastic putty knife. Soap scum makes every bathroom wall messy and so uncomfortable to see. Correctly removing them can make a bathroom look cleaner than before.

Aside from that, soap scum can also form in your shower doors. Whether if its glass or stainless among others, pro cleaners recommend keeping shower doors free from dirt and soap scum buildup. Professional cleaners utilize a razor blade to scrape off hard formations of soap on such surfaces. Afterwards, dry the shower door using a cloth.

Use Vinegar & Baking Soda Cleaning Solution

Pro cleaners have been utilizing cleaning solutions that they found best throughout the years of their experiences. And one of those solutions is the combination of vinegar and baking soda for cleaning nasty stains on different surfaces in the kitchen. This potent cleaning solution can make any surface sparkle and look new by weakening the hold of dirt, oil, and any residue.

Apply baking soda paste on the area you want to clean then leave it overnight for best results. Afterwards, spray a mixture of one part water and one part vinegar until all the surface you wish to clean is covered. If the two substances react to each other, which you can see when the solutions begin to bubble. Allow the spray to last for about 15 minutes.

When done, wipe the entire surface to remove all the stain. And that is how most professional cleaners satisfy their clients with a squeaky clean kitchen.

Place Countertop Gap Filler

The hardest, if not impossible, thing to do when cleaning a house is to remove all the dust. As well as the crumbs, and other dirt in the gap between your refrigerator and countertop. For this reason, professional house cleaners recommend the use of transparent plastic tubing to fill the void.

Doing this can help you to avoid further struggle, allowing you to save more effort and energy when cleaning your home. You can buy clear tubing at home centers that come in different widths from 1/8-inches and above.

Clean Trash Can With Liquid Bowl Cleaner

A trash can takes all the dirt and bacteria from the garbage you throw. But it’s not the only reason to clean it but also to avoid the foul smell from lingering around your home.

Professional house cleaners utilize liquid toilet bowl cleaner to cleanse the inside of a filthy trash can. Liquid toilet bowl cleaning solutions are particularly sticky so it will cling to the trash can’s sides. Use a toilet brush to scrub the inside of the trash can. When done, rinse thoroughly and let it dry.

Remove Stain From Vinyl Siding

If deck lumber or dippy trees surround a home, expect to see some sap deposit on the vinyl siding. Pro home cleaners recommend cleaning them right away because the sap hardens overtime. Waiting too long before removing sap deposits will only make it difficult for you to remove them. If this happens, you will need more advanced cleaning equipment like a pressure washer to eradicate these annoying stains.

The advantage of cleaning sap deposits is that you can save more effort and money. Since the sap is still soft, regular common kitchen cleaners can do the job efficiently and effectively. But make sure to use a vinyl-friendly product to avoid any discoloration on your sidings. You should also use a sponge when applying the cleaner and scrub any difficult spots using a brush with soft bristles.

Remove Stinky Disposer With Ice Cubes and Citrus Peels

Among the worst things that you may encounter while cleaning a home is a foul-smelling disposer. To solve it, you can use citrus peels and ice cubes by allowing the water from the faucet to run about half throttle. Afterwards, put lemon or orange skins then open the disposer for about five seconds. The extract from lemon and orange peels contains citric acid that helps to soften the crusty waste inside the disposer, and it can dissipate smelly bacteria.

Make sure to leave the acid for about 15 minutes. And then, turn on the faucet along with the disposer and put a few pieces of ice cubes. While the disposer is crushing the ice cubes, the flying shards of ice act like a sandblaster that removes spoiled food residues.

Switch on the faucet until the bowl reaches about half the sink then pull the water stopper. And switch on the disposer to flush all the water. Lastly, pull the stopper then turn on the disposer to remove all the water from the sink.

Apply Countertop Polish To Prevent Stains

Old plastic laminate countertops are prone to stains because the years of using them can leave porous and scratch. Professional house cleaners wipe spills immediately to prevent countertops from staining. They also use countertop polish to add extra protection to the surface.

Wash The Vacuum Filter After Using

Bagless vacuums are efficient tools for home cleaning businesses. But the most common mistake of cleaners when using such equipment is that they don’t clean the filters. When a filter is blocked by dirt, its motor will burn because of overwork. To avoid this from happening, make sure to wash or your bagless vacuum filter after cleaning.

Wipe Off Coffee Rings

Coffee rings on any surface might be a small task, but it can also become complicated, especially when using the wrong solution. Home cleaning professionals utilize toothpaste to remove coffee stains, just like how it does on your teeth. Just dab a little amount of toothpaste on the affected area, then wipe it using a sponge or cloth to remove the stain.


To summarize, you don’t have to suffer from cleaning your home because you can use these tips from pro home cleaners. These tips are easy to follow and provides effortless results that can turn any area of your home cleaner and odor-free.

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