10 Easy Hacks To Keep Your House Clean When Your Work Full Time

Balancing your full-time job as an employee and as a homeowner can be stressful. It is especially if you don’t use some hacks to help you keep your place clean and tidy before and after work. Here are some of the tips you can use if you are working a full-time job and you want to come home in a clean place after.

Set Up A Cleaning Schedule

Having a full-time job requires most of your time at work and less at home. To keep your home clean, set up your cleaning schedule with a calendar with all your tasks divided into two categories.

Label those categories daily and weekly to help you monitor every job you need to do before and after work. If you have children and other family members at home, you can also assign some of the tasks to them to make the job lighter for you.

Establish Essential Daily Habits

No one is perfect, so most of the habits that I am about to recommend for you to establish may not be followed thoroughly. But it’s okay. You don’t have to be perfect to do most of these tasks. What you need is consistency and will to do these tasks in five consecutive days to establish it as a natural habit.

The reason why developing essential daily habits is vital is because it can help you to keep your home clean and tidy. Even actually spending a whole day cleaning your home. For example, developing a Clean As You Go habit will allow you to reduce your need to clean your entire place since you aren’t leaving a mess around your house.

Schedule Cleaning Your Stove And Fridge

Since stove and fridge only require less cleaning, schedule cleaning them monthly. This can help you to save time, and it keeps your equipment squeaky clean and free from bacteria.

Refrigerators require more attention when it comes to cleaning their inside. You should also manual-defrost its freezer monthly to maintain its efficiency and increase its lifespan. Before cleaning your fridge and stove, make sure to switch off the devices to ensure safety.

Do A Task That Only Takes Two Minutes

Another trick to keep your home tidy and clean while working full time is to follow the two-minute rule. It means, washes the plates right after dinner, put away the clothes you took off, wipe off the table, and others.

Keep Biodegradable Wipes Inside Your Bathroom

Wiping off the surfaces in your bathroom every day can help you to save time from scrubbing them intensely every week. But don’t get me wrong, only use biodegradable wipes on your bathroom countertops and not the floors and walls. To reduce the cost, you can also use dry cloth instead.

Laundry Your Clothes Before Going To Work

Realistically speaking, working a full-time job can be taxing to the body. For this reason, most people who are working a full-time job wants to relax before going to work and after work.

To reduce your tasks during the weekends, laundry your clothes before going to work so you can hang them when you arrive home. Making this every day can help you to reduce the remaining tasks you need to do during the week.

Fold Your Laundry While Resting

Having a full-time job means your time for slack, and leisure is limited, multi-task tidying your laundry and resting. If you want to spend time with your family while watching your favorite Netflix series, get your hands working by folding clothes to keep your things organized and avoid the guilt of not meeting your assigned task for the day.

Place A Sponge In The Shower

Keep the glass in your shower clean by placing a sponge or a towel nearby. After using the shower, remember to wipe any dirt that builds upon the glass walls and on the mirror to maintain their sparkling cleanliness.

When you do this every day, you will no longer have a hard time cleaning them. Wiping off the dirt on the glass right away will prevent it from hardening.

Sprinkle Drops Of Peppermint To Keep Shower Fresh

Before you take a shower, sprinkle some peppermint in the bath before turning it on. It can help to spread the refreshing smell of the peppermint without requiring so much effort on your side. Place a bottle of peppermint essential oil in your shower to remind yourself to apply some everything you take a bath.

Keep Things Tidy Before Going To Bed

If you want to wake up in a clean and orderly place, you must make sure that everything is tidy and clean before going to bed. Doing so will help you to reduce your need to rush things in the morning and focus on other tasks.


To sum it up, having a full-time job while maintaining the order and cleanliness of your home will be easier if you know how to manage your time. Your job requires most of your time during the day.

It means you have to allocate some of your time early in the morning as well as at night to settle all the household chores you need to do. So, develop essential daily habits to reduce your time for cleaning.

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