10 Cheap and Smart Cleaning Hacks Using Vinegar

Who says vinegar is only limited to giving a sour taste on every food we eat? Because in this article, the ten cheap and smart cleaning hacks using vinegar will change your mind, which I will be discussing that in the rest of the post.

Vinegar is likely used for cooking or as a dipping sauce. However, it yields many more benefits as a cleaning tool. Vinegar is also cheap and is highly accessible at home. Here are some of cleaning hacks that you can do with vinegar.


1. Vinegar cleans up rusty tools

In cleaning up rusty tools, vinegar is better than sandpaper. Wrap with a vinegar-soaked rag the rusting tool for 24-hours. Then, rinse with clean water and dry. It will look as new again after the process.

2. Vinegar as an all-purpose cleaner

Get a spray bottle and mix baking soda, essential oils, vinegar, and water in it. Shake well before use. The homemade all-purpose cleaner can disinfect surfaces quickly. Use a cloth to wipe up the areas.

The mixture can dissolve hard mineral deposits in bathrooms. It is an affordable alternative to industrial soft scrub cleaners.

3. Vinegar as an add-on to a dishwasher

Vinegar has a shining effect on glassware. Adding vinegar to the dishwasher gives extra sparkle on dishwasher-safe bowls. Only a small amount must be added to avoid sour-smelling kitchenware.

4. Vinegar removes furniture scratches

Furniture with minor scuffs is not eye-pleasing. Instead of repainting it, wipe the defective parts with a mixture. It is composed of ¾ canola or olive oil and ¼ vinegar. Use a soft cloth to wipe the scratches out. The scuffs magically disappear after a few moments. Your furniture will look  good again.

5. Vinegar works on burnt pans

When we fry food using frying pans, there are chances of burning its surface. You cannot perfectly cook for the next session without getting rid of roasted on the pan. With the help of a mixture cleaner, you do not have to buy a new pan. Soak the pan with water then add white vinegar in it. Once it boils, add two tablespoons of baking soda and let it cool down in a few seconds. Wipe the mixtures, and you will see the burnt fades.

6. Vinegar unclogs drain

A congested drain is alarming while doing kitchen chores. There are many cleaning products available for clogged drains but so expensive. The most affordable solution could be a mixture of baking soda, vinegar, and boiling water. Pour it out directly on the pipe and wait for the instant result.

7. Vinegar polishes the windows

It could be the most simple vinegar hack all over the world. Most homeowners use vinegar to shine their window panes. It comes in a mixture of cornstarch, essential oils with vitamin C, vinegar, and water. Buy a spray bottle and put it in the mix and shake it well before use.

It might be more effective than chemical glass cleaners. It removes fingerprints and other dirt on the window panes.

8. Vinegar for DIY wood stain

Wood dyes are quick to disappear due to changing weather. It looks pale without maintaining its painted color.

Did you know that buying a stain is not the answer? You can follow household ingredients for the next woodworking project. Get a mason jar with steel wool pad into it and mix ¼ cup coffee grounds with 2 cups of vinegar. Shake the mixture and let it settle overnight.

On the next day, remove the steel wool from the Mason jar and start applying the homemade stain to the wood. As the mixture dries, its color will become darker. Reapply the stain until you achieve the color you desire.

9. Vinegar cleans wood flooring.

This is an old-school solution for dirty woodblocks. It is a homemade mixture that prevents the use of harmful chemicals. According to research, use white vinegar rather than red ones due to natural effects. Prepare a gallon of water and mix half to a full cup of white vinegar in it. You can use this homemade cleaner for a longer time without spending much money.

10. Vinegar eliminates grease

Grease on kitchen tops is hard to remove and is very gross looking. One of the best solutions on oil is an equal mixture of white vinegar and tap water. The acetic acid content of vinegar helps to eliminate fat quickly. Use a sponge or soft scrub to do the process.

Avoid applying the mixture on the areas where it would not work like marble countertops, waxed furniture, stone floor tiles, and finished hardwood floors.


The hacks mentioned above about vinegar are only a few of the full lists found on the internet. Vinegar is a great ingredient not only on food but also as a cleaning material. Further, the cleaning hacks using vinegar can be quickly done at home at a lower price compared to chemical cleaning products.

Whether housework on the countertops or other areas, vinegar has something to do! No one could ever underrate the power of this liquid stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Take a tour of your house and see the areas that need to be cleansed by vinegar mixtures.

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